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Gen AI Startup Toolbox

Market Analysis – Market Segmentation Reporter

    Define your market, identify key variables, segment effectively, and develop targeted marketing strategies with this generative AI tool. Conquer your audience and drive business growth like a pro!

    The Explainer

      The explainer is a friendly Ai research assistant who will deep dive on any topic or subject to give you a comprehensive understanding of it. You can choose various education levels from infant right up to PhD level explanations allowing you to discover more, better.

      Sentiment Analyser: Understanding Content

        Get a better understanding about any type of content with this generative AI tool. Discover the sentiment and intent of purpose of the content, plus detailed analysis of tone of voice, themes and topics, entity recognition and language complexity.

        Email Newsletter Writer

          Quickly and effortlessly craft effective and engaging email newsletters tailored to your specific goals and newsletter plans. Use this generative AI tool to create a newsletter in a writing style of your choice.

          Email Newsletter Planner

            This intelligent newsletter planner delivers creative outlines for a newsletter series. Promote a product or service, drive engagement or generate leads, tailor your plan around specific objectives.

            Social Media Writer

              Develop your social media content with the help of an experienced content writer and social media manager. Choose the platform and type of content you want to produce and enter your project description for expertly crafted social posts.

              Blog Post Writer v3

                This generative AI tool creates a well structured, optimised blog post including contents and resources based around your chosen subject and in your chosen writing style.

                Customer Pain Point Finder

                  Find specific problems, challenges and frustrations that customers experience when trying to find a solution to their needs or desires. Not only does this generative AI tool identify the key customer pain points for your chosen product, service or business category, it expertly reports its reasoning for each point and offers actionable steps to take advantage of this valuable information.

                  SWOT Analyser for Startups

                    Conduct a thorough SWOT analysis on any product or service and assess the internal and external factors that may impact your success. The powerful SWOT Analyser generative AI tool is designed to help startups understand this important strategic planning step. Capitalise on advantages, mitigate weaknesses, seize opportunities, and minimise threats.

                    Legal Document and Contract Analyser

                      Understanding the importance of legal documents and contracts is vital for protecting your business interests. This generative AI tool analyses any legal document you paste in and delivers a clear and concise report, identifying all the key elements and recommending what actions to take.

                      Perfect Pitch Deck Writer

                        This powerful generative AI tool will create the text of a professional pitch deck for your product or service. Covering areas like problem statement and solution, Competitive landscape, go-to-market strategy and even funding projections and requirements.

                        Lean Business Plan Creator

                          Create an effective lean business plan using generative AI that attracts quality traffic and helps you achieve your business objectives.

                          Startup Idea Generator

                            Quickly iterate over fully fleshed out business ideas based on your subject of focus.. A generative AI tool that delivers a comprehensive business plan including pain points, ideal persona, revenue streams, cost structure and even idea validation steps and potential business challenges.

                            How To Find Your Blog Niche With SEO Analyst

                              Starting a blog or struggling for ideas? This generative AI tool allows you to easily and quickly find niches for your blog . Analysing SEO trends based on your seed phrase it will deliver a list of niche keyword ideas, matching keywords and related keywords that are optimal for your chosen field, giving you the best chance of success for your blog.

                              Target Audience Finder

                                Here is the marketing help you’ve been waiting for. Identify your target audience by entering your product or service. This generative AI tool will do all the hard work and expertly deliver a report on the ideal target audience for you.

                                Web Page SEO Analyser

                                  Get a comprehensive SEO report on your web page content. Copy and paste your web page content into the input field for professional analysis and recommendations.

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