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Business Strategy and Planning

Strategic planning tools assist in creating lean business plans, providing mentorship, and offering business coaching. They are invaluable for startups looking to refine their business model and strategy for growth.

Market Trend Analyser

    By running this smart market analysis tool you’ll be better equipped to understand the evolving dynamics of the market and anticipate future opportunities and challenges for your business.

    Market Analysis – Market Segmentation Reporter

      Define your market, identify key variables, segment effectively, and develop targeted marketing strategies with this generative AI tool. Conquer your audience and drive business growth like a pro!

      Perfect Pitch Deck Writer

        This powerful generative AI tool will create the text of a professional pitch deck for your product or service. Covering areas like problem statement and solution, Competitive landscape, go-to-market strategy and even funding projections and requirements.

        Lean Business Plan Creator

          Create an effective lean business plan using generative AI that attracts quality traffic and helps you achieve your business objectives.

          Startup Idea Generator

            Quickly iterate over fully fleshed out business ideas based on your subject of focus.. A generative AI tool that delivers a comprehensive business plan including pain points, ideal persona, revenue streams, cost structure and even idea validation steps and potential business challenges.

            Lean Business Plan Generator

              Want to throw some innovative business ideas around? This generative AI tool produces ideas for products or services based on a business category within the lean business plan framework.

              Root: Business Coach Bot

                FavouriteTalk to Root Root’s a business coach that gets problems solved. Describe your business and a challenge you face, eg, My business is WordPress development and my challenge is automating tasks like posting content Things you might want to talk to root about Limited Resources:… Read More »Root: Business Coach Bot

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