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Truly 100% Green Web Hosting

Mitigate your impact on the environment by powering your website from geothermal and hydropower with servers cooled by the natural environment.

This page contains affiliate links that help plant trees.

The power of natural energy

State of the art green data centre

One of the most secure and low-risk locations in the world, Iceland provides nearly unlimited natural energy resources.

Considerably more resistant to natural disaster, Advania’s data centre based in Reykjavik uses 100% renewable energy.

Advania datacentre Iceland
do the right thing

Save the world with every visit to your website

► Help prevent climate change.

► Grow your site’s reputation instantly among visitors.

► Be a good example to others by using only renewable energy.

Web hosting providers consume a significant amount of energy. They produce harmful gases that affect global climate. An average server produces as many emissions as a large SUV truck.


Virtually zero carbon emissions

Providing top-quality, secure web hosting solutions for customers worldwide, Orange Website are committed to privacy and support organisations that help preserve the planet.

Competitive pricing and excellent customer services makes them a great choice and why we are recommending them to host your website powered by renewable energy.

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All the services you expect from your web host, including shared, VPS and dedicated servers, DDoS protection, domains and SSL certificates.

Environmentally friendly web hosting

Powered by renewable energy

Using geothermal and hydropower with servers cooled by the natural environment

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