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Case study

Content-Driven SEO Success: Raising Invasive Weed Awareness Among UK Homeowners


In the battle against invasive plant species, raising public awareness is key to effective control and prevention. This case study explores how our web development and digital marketing services transformed the online presence of a leading UK company specialising in the management and eradication of invasive weeds, particularly Japanese Knotweed.


The company, led by a prominent industry expert and CEO who runs training with the Property Care Association (PCA), approached us without an existing website or online presence. Their primary goal was to expand their customer base from commercial construction sites to include residential homeowners and site managers across the UK. Additionally, they aimed to increase awareness of the CEO’s public profile and establish the company as a thought leader in the field of invasive plant management.


We provided a comprehensive solution that involved building a SEO-optimised, responsive website featuring extensive educational resources on invasive weeds, with a particular focus on Japanese Knotweed. The website included interactive identification guides, case studies showcasing successful eradication projects, and a blog to share industry insights and updates. We also developed a robust online booking system for homeowners to request consultations and treatment services.


To ensure maximum visibility in search engines, we conducted thorough keyword research and implemented on-page SEO elements such as optimised meta tags, keyword-rich content, and proper heading structure. Our technical SEO expertise involved optimising site speed, mobile responsiveness, and schema markup implementation for enhanced search engine visibility. We also integrated social media sharing buttons to encourage content distribution and amplify the CEO’s public profile.


Through consistent blog posting (1 every 2 weeks) and social media posts (1 every week) focused on educating the public about invasive weeds, the company experienced a steady and organic growth in its online presence over a 16-month period.

In the later 2 months, the client supplied videos that were edited, graphics were added, and uploaded to their YouTube channel, further amplifying their educational content and reach.
The development of comprehensive FAQs and additional content on the website, covering various aspects of invasive weed management, contributed to their improved search engine rankings.

After 16 months of dedicated efforts, the company achieved first-page results on Google for multiple keywords related to invasive weeds, significantly increasing their visibility and credibility.
During the initial 12 months, the digital marketing services paid for themselves by generating more income than the cost, validating the investment in their online presence.

This organic, slow-burn SEO growth strategy yielded substantial dividends, with an influx of new residential clients and business expansion.

The company’s success enabled them to acquire one of their competitors, further solidifying their position as a leading authority in the field of invasive weed management.

The consistent creation of valuable, educational content, coupled with strategic SEO efforts and multimedia integration, propelled the company’s online visibility and credibility. This, in turn, translated into tangible business growth, client acquisition, and a dominant market position in the residential sector for invasive weed management services.

Ongoing Support

We continue to support the company with our comprehensive digital marketing package. This includes regular blog posting to drive organic traffic, ensuring their website remains up-to-date with the latest industry developments and best practices. We also assist in creating directory listings to improve local SEO visibility and boost credibility within residential communities.

Our social media management services amplify the CEO’s public profile, sharing educational content, industry insights, and promoting their training and speaking engagements. We also now are in a strong position to manage targeted advertising campaigns to reach new residential customers and promote the company’s services.


By partnering with our web development and digital marketing services, the company successfully transitioned from a commercial focus to a strong presence in the residential sector. Through search engine optimisation, comprehensive educational resources, and ongoing support, we enabled them to establish themselves as a trusted authority on invasive weed management, particularly Japanese Knotweed. The CEO’s elevated public profile and the company’s expanded customer base have positioned them as industry leaders in raising awareness and combating the spread of invasive plants across the UK.

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