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    FAQ Generator

    Copy and paste your web page content and get a list of frequently asked questions

    How it works

    Frequently asked questions are difficult and time consuming to produce, but not any longer! This generative AI tool allows you to paste in text from your website or documentation and it creates a series of FAQs based on that content.

    FAQ Generator

    1. Click and drag or CTRL + A and copy your web page

    2. Paste the content below:

    How to make good FAQs

    Gather your questions

    • Look for existing data: Analyse customer support enquiries, emails, live chat logs, and social media interactions to identify frequently asked questions (FAQs).
    • Think from the customer’s perspective: Consider what questions customers might have throughout their journey with your product or service.

    Prioritise and categorise

    • Group similar questions together: This will make your FAQ page well-organised and easier to navigate.
    • Start with the most common and pressing questions: Prioritise addressing customer pain points and roadblocks.

    Craft clear and concise answers

    • Write in simple, easy-to-understand language: Avoid technical jargon and complex sentence structures.
    • Focus on providing direct answers: Address the specific question promptly without unnecessary information.
    • Keep it concise: Aim for answers within a short paragraph, ideally under 100 words.

    Enhance readability and user experience

    • Structure your FAQ page logically: Use clear headings, subheadings, and bullet points to make information easy to scan.
    • Incorporate visuals: Screenshots, diagrams, or short videos can effectively illustrate complex concepts.
    • Link to relevant resources: If a question requires a more detailed explanation, provide links to dedicated webpages or tutorials.

    Make it accessible and maintainable

    • Position your FAQ page strategically: Ensure it’s easily found on your website, such as the navigation bar or footer.
    • Consider a search function: Allow users to quickly find specific answers within the FAQ.
    • Regularly review and update: As your product or service evolves, address new questions and update existing answers to reflect any changes.

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