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Startup Resources

A collection of tools that provide essential resources for startups. They help with tasks such as document creation, market analysis, and content planning, ensuring that startups have what they need to succeed.

Legal Document and Contract Analyser

    Understanding the importance of legal documents and contracts is vital for protecting your business interests. This generative AI tool analyses any legal document you paste in and delivers a clear and concise report, identifying all the key elements and recommending what actions to take.

    CTFC: Critical Thinker Fact Checker

      This gen AI tool scrutinises any content you paste in to determine whether the information is factual and will identify claims or statements that are misinformation or false information.

      Content Rewriter

        Rewrite your content in any style using this unique generative AI tool. Add a classic writing style or your own specific style and watch the experienced writer get to work reimagining your content. Refine with sentiment and tone of voice for the ultimate control.

        PRD: Product Requirements Document Creator

          PRDs are normally written for software products, but they can be used for any type of product or service. This generative AI tool expertly produces a document with all the requirements for your product or service.

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