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Knowledge and Insights

Here, you’ll find tools that serve as a repository of knowledge and provide deep insights into various subjects. These tools are perfect for those looking to expand their understanding and make informed decisions based on reliable information.

The Explainer

    The explainer is a friendly Ai research assistant who will deep dive on any topic or subject to give you a comprehensive understanding of it. You can choose various education levels from infant right up to PhD level explanations allowing you to discover more, better.

    Sentiment Analyser: Understanding Content

      Get a better understanding about any type of content with this generative AI tool. Discover the sentiment and intent of purpose of the content, plus detailed analysis of tone of voice, themes and topics, entity recognition and language complexity.

      Legal Document and Contract Analyser

        Understanding the importance of legal documents and contracts is vital for protecting your business interests. This generative AI tool analyses any legal document you paste in and delivers a clear and concise report, identifying all the key elements and recommending what actions to take.

        CTFC: Critical Thinker Fact Checker

          This gen AI tool scrutinises any content you paste in to determine whether the information is factual and will identify claims or statements that are misinformation or false information.

          Pressly: WordPress Tutor

            Pressly is a WordPress expert tasked with helping you solve your WordPress issues. This helpful and knowledgeable virtual assistant can guide you through every aspect of using, building and developing your own site.

            GPTpedia Digital Encyclopaedia

              GPTpedia emulates the results from Wikipedia. You can use the generative AI tool for research, providing accurate factual information about anything you want to know. It can also produce stimulating fictional information about non-existent things which is indicated at the foot of the article.

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