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Case study

From Farm to Fingertips: Empowering Ethical Knitwear Ecommerce with WooCommerce


In today’s conscious marketplace, consumers are increasingly seeking out brands that align with their values of sustainability and ethical production. This case study explores how our comprehensive web development and digital marketing services empowered a British knitwear company, rooted in supporting regenerative sheep farming, to establish a strong online presence and expand their reach.


The knitwear company approached us with the goal of upgrading their existing ecommerce platform to better showcase their handmade, organic product lines and share their commitment to sustainable practices. Their previous platform, Shopify, had limitations in accommodating complex product variations and customisations, hindering their ability to effectively showcase their diverse offerings. Additionally, they sought a solution that would provide greater flexibility for future growth and allow them to seamlessly integrate educational content about their materials and ethos.


We recommended migrating their ecommerce operations to a fully customised WooCommerce website, built on the robust WordPress platform. This solution not only provided them with unlimited product variation capabilities but also offered the flexibility to integrate additional functionalities as their business evolved. Our team meticulously crafted a user-friendly, visually appealing website that seamlessly blended their product catalogue with insightful content sections, highlighting their commitment to supporting British regenerative sheep farmers and sustainable practices.


To ensure a smooth transition, we carefully migrated their existing product catalogue and customer data to the new platform. Our team optimised the website’s structure, navigation, and product pages for search engine visibility, implementing on-page SEO best practices and integrating keyword-rich content. We also provided comprehensive training to empower the company’s team to confidently manage their own blog, sharing valuable insights and updates on their sustainable practices and product origins.


With more attention and planning on user experience and improved product showcasing capabilities the website now highlights the company’s organic, handmade products and regenerative farming ethos.

Search engine visibility improved significantly with the addition of educational content sections and blog functionality which has begun to foster deeper customer engagement, with an increase in page views, user engagement and average session duration on the website and driving increased organic traffic and brand awareness.

The company successfully launched several new product lines, leveraging the flexibility of the WooCommerce platform to accommodate complex variations and customisations.

Empowered by the training provided, the company’s team actively maintains and updates their blog, further solidifying their position as advocates for sustainable knitwear and regenerative farming practices.

Ongoing Support

Our partnership with the knitwear company extends beyond the initial website development. We provide ongoing monthly support, ensuring their online presence remains optimised and up-to-date with the latest ecommerce and digital marketing best practices. This includes regular website maintenance, security updates, and ongoing SEO optimisation to maintain their search engine rankings.


By leveraging our expertise in ecommerce website development and digital marketing, the British knitwear company successfully transitioned to a robust, sustainable online presence. The customised WooCommerce platform has empowered them to expand their product offerings, integrate educational content, and share their commitment to regenerative farming practices with a wider audience. Through seamless user experiences, strategic SEO implementation, and ongoing support, we have enabled them to thrive in the conscious marketplace, connecting with customers who value ethical and sustainable production.

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