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Idea Generation and Research

Innovative tools that spark creativity and assist in generating new ideas for content, products, or services. They also help in conducting research and gathering insights to inform business decisions.

Lean Business Plan Creator

    Create an effective lean business plan using generative AI that attracts quality traffic and helps you achieve your business objectives.

    Startup Idea Generator

      Quickly iterate over fully fleshed out business ideas based on your subject of focus.. A generative AI tool that delivers a comprehensive business plan including pain points, ideal persona, revenue streams, cost structure and even idea validation steps and potential business challenges.

      How To Find Your Blog Niche With SEO Analyst

        Starting a blog or struggling for ideas? This generative AI tool allows you to easily and quickly find niches for your blog . Analysing SEO trends based on your seed phrase it will deliver a list of niche keyword ideas, matching keywords and related keywords that are optimal for your chosen field, giving you the best chance of success for your blog.

        Keyword Researcher

          This generative AI keyword researcher tool takes your topic or subject and produces a list of top SEO keywords, cluster keywords with search intent and a list of long-tail keywords, plus a special Insider tip!

          GPTpedia Digital Encyclopaedia

            GPTpedia emulates the results from Wikipedia. You can use the generative AI tool for research, providing accurate factual information about anything you want to know. It can also produce stimulating fictional information about non-existent things which is indicated at the foot of the article.

            Blog Post Idea Generator

              Don’t know what to write about? Struggling to find your audience? This generative AI tool will provide a creative list of blog post titles along with a simple description based around the keyword or topic you enter. No matter how obscure the subject of your writing you can find some more ideas here.

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