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Marketing and Audience Engagement

Marketing tools are focused on crafting engaging headlines, creating social media content, and developing advertising campaigns. They’re essential for businesses looking to increase their brand visibility and engage with their target audience effectively.

Market Analysis – Market Segmentation Reporter

    Define your market, identify key variables, segment effectively, and develop targeted marketing strategies with this generative AI tool. Conquer your audience and drive business growth like a pro!

    Email Newsletter Writer

      Quickly and effortlessly craft effective and engaging email newsletters tailored to your specific goals and newsletter plans. Use this generative AI tool to create a newsletter in a writing style of your choice.

      Email Newsletter Planner

        This intelligent newsletter planner delivers creative outlines for a newsletter series. Promote a product or service, drive engagement or generate leads, tailor your plan around specific objectives.

        Social Media Writer

          Develop your social media content with the help of an experienced content writer and social media manager. Choose the platform and type of content you want to produce and enter your project description for expertly crafted social posts.

          Customer Pain Point Finder

            Find specific problems, challenges and frustrations that customers experience when trying to find a solution to their needs or desires. Not only does this generative AI tool identify the key customer pain points for your chosen product, service or business category, it expertly reports its reasoning for each point and offers actionable steps to take advantage of this valuable information.

            SWOT Analyser for Startups

              Conduct a thorough SWOT analysis on any product or service and assess the internal and external factors that may impact your success. The powerful SWOT Analyser generative AI tool is designed to help startups understand this important strategic planning step. Capitalise on advantages, mitigate weaknesses, seize opportunities, and minimise threats.

              Target Audience Finder

                Here is the marketing help you’ve been waiting for. Identify your target audience by entering your product or service. This generative AI tool will do all the hard work and expertly deliver a report on the ideal target audience for you.

                Content Scheduler for SEO Ranking

                  Develop your content quickly and effortlessly with this very useful generative AI tool, expert in SEO and copywriting. It will deliver a huge month long content plan of topics based on your input including variations for each day.

                  Advertising Campaign Creator

                    Create an advertising campaign for your product or service. This industry leading generative AI tool will identify a target audience, develop key messages and slogans, and select the best media channels for promotion.

                    Headline Maker from Long Text

                      Drawing on the combined experience of the best marketing creatives this generative AI tool takes your blog post content or article text and delivers a selection of attention grabbing headlines with analytical breakdown.

                      SMPCW: Social Media Posts from Content Writer

                        This generative AI tool creates highly effective social media posts based on the content you provide. Paste in some product details or a blog post, refine the output by selecting different platforms and target audience.

                        Image Description Generator

                          FavouriteHow it works This generative AI tool allows you to create detailed image descriptions which you can use, in-turn, to generate some amazing images with the free AI image generators out there. All the images for AI tools on this site have been made using… Read More »Image Description Generator

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