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What is included in the Business Premium Membership?

The Business Premium Membership includes an extended queries limit, premium AI tools, and GPT 4 tools. Price TBC. Join waitlist
With the Premium Membership, you get unlimited access to all AI tools, allowing you to unlock the full potential of AI for your business. You also have access to the latest version of GPT-4, which offers more complex tools and smarter outputs. Additionally, you gain exclusive features and advanced functionalities designed to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity. You also receive priority support from experts to ensure a seamless experience and maximise the benefits of AI tools.

What is the price of the Essential Membership?

The Essential Membership is free of charge, but it has a limited number of queries per month. With the Free Plan, you get access to ChatGPT for engaging in conversations with artificial intelligence and exploring its capabilities. You also have access to custom AI tools powered by GPT-3.5, allowing you to create content and develop strategies efficiently.

How can I cancel my Premium Membership?

You can cancel your Premium Membership at any time by contacting our support team from your member profile.

What are AI Tools for Startup Growth?

AI Tools for Startup Growth are tools that utilise artificial intelligence technology to assist startups in various areas such as content creation, marketing, keyword research, advertising campaign creation, and more. These tools help startups optimise their strategies and improve their overall growth.

What services are provided under the Dedicated Web Development & WordPress Websites?

The Dedicated Web Development & WordPress Websites service is designed for businesses looking to showcase their offerings, improve search engine visibility, and make it easier for customers to contact them. It includes professional web development services, custom functionality programming, custom design coding, and other tailored solutions.

What is included in the Marketing and SEO services?

The Marketing services include analysis, planning, and content creation to help grow your business. It also includes blog and social posts with images and graphics. The SEO services involve keyword analysis and the use of SEO tools and code to improve your online visibility.

Can custom packages be created to meet specific business needs?

Yes, custom packages can be created to cater to unique business requirements. Whether it’s for startup programmes or marketing and SEO services, personalised solutions can be discussed and arranged according to your needs.

What is included in the Startup Programmes?

The Startup Programmes are designed for startup businesses that need website development, startup support, SEO, and content marketing. These programmes aim to deliver results for small businesses selling products or services. Customized packages can also be created to suit individual business needs.

What’s the most effective way to speed up my ecommerce website?

There are many things that can effect a websites loading time, one of the main, often overlooked, factors we see affecting the speed is the amount of data that is being transferred between the website host server and the users web browser. Fixing this can have an immediate impact, and the biggest culprit are large images files. We recommend optimising your website’s images with a few techniques; use a free online program Squoosh , scale the image to an appropriate size for the screen and save them as a .jpg or .jpeg file if you don’t need them to have a transparent background.

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How can I set up my own Woocommerce website?

Your time is valuable and perhaps you prefer to outsource your technical activities, but if you plan to run and manage your own Woocommerce online store on a budget you can successfully install and build your website yourself.

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