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Case study

Community Connection: A Digital Transformation for Local Charity


In the heart of a vibrant community, a local charity organisation plays a vital role in fostering connections, organising events, and preserving local amenities. This case study outlines our collaboration with this dedicated organisation, focusing on the development of a comprehensive digital platform that streamlined their operations, enhanced community engagement, and created new revenue streams.


The charity approached us with the need to modernise their online presence and expand their capabilities. Their existing website lacked the functionality to sell event tickets, merchandise, and accept donations effectively. Additionally, they sought to improve their volunteer management process and provide a dedicated space for a local partner organisation within their digital ecosystem.


We proposed a fully integrated solution built on the powerful WordPress platform, utilising the versatile WooCommerce plugin as the foundation. This approach offered the flexibility to create an ecommerce store, manage event ticketing, and facilitate donations seamlessly. Furthermore, we leveraged custom post types and user roles to establish a dedicated website within the main platform for their local partner organisation.


Our team meticulously crafted a user-friendly website, incorporating an intuitive event management system that allowed the charity to sell tickets directly or integrate with Eventbrite for larger-scale events. We established a secure online store, enabling them to sell books, merchandise, and other products to support their community work.

To streamline volunteer management and community participation, we implemented a dedicated membership registration system and volunteering scheduling system, ensuring efficient coordination of community efforts throughout the year. Additionally, we integrated a secure donation platform, empowering individuals to contribute to the charity’s initiatives with ease.

For their local partner organisation, we created a dedicated section within the website, granting them administrative access to manage their own content, including custom post types and pages, fostering a sense of autonomy and collaboration within the digital space.
The website was deployed on a robust cloud hosting environment, ensuring optimal performance and scalability as the charity’s digital presence grew.


Through comprehensive training sessions and ongoing email support, the charity’s administrators have gained the confidence and skills to independently create and sell new events on their website, publish engaging content, and promote their initiatives more effectively to the local community.

Empowered by the user-friendly platform and hands-on training, the charity’s team has seamlessly integrated the website into their operations, leveraging its full potential to create and promote events, share updates, and connect with their local community. The ability to manage and update their online presence autonomously has significantly enhanced their outreach and engagement efforts, fostering a more vibrant and connected community.

The dedicated section for the local partner organisation fostered increased collaboration and visibility, strengthening their partnership and collective outreach efforts.

Ongoing Support

Our partnership with the charity extends beyond the initial website development. We provide ongoing support, including regular maintenance, security updates, and continuous optimisation to ensure their digital platform remains responsive to their evolving needs. Additionally, we offer training sessions to empower the charity’s team to independently manage content and leverage the platform’s full potential.


Through our comprehensive digital transformation approach, we have empowered this local charity organisation to strengthen its community connections, improve operational efficiency, and diversify its revenue streams. By leveraging the power of ecommerce, event management, volunteer coordination, and dedicated partner collaboration, we have enabled them to better serve their community, fostering a sense of unity, engagement, and collective impact.

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