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The Plan

AI Tools Road Map

Stuff Coming Up

List of features and developments being made to our AI Tools and membership functionalities, in no particular order.

Chaining Prompts together (AI agents)

Currently we have chatbots and forms with pre-prompts taking advantage of generative AI. We want to emulate certain agent frameworks to create outputs that are much longer, thoroughly checked for facts, grammar and errors, with more comprehensive results.

Image Generation

We want to add the ability to generate images so we can develop tools like logo creators and make blog post outputs with featured images already created for you.

Reusing Historical Conversations

Currently you can access your historical conversations and interactions but you have to copy out the data if you want to reuse it in another AI tool or chatbot. The plan here is to develop a system that easily allows you to add previous interactions and conversations directly into inputs from an available choice in a menu.

Stored User Data for Quick Use

We plan to add an area where you can create business details that you can reuse in conversations and interactions without having to type it out each time you want to add any context to a chat. For example we want to add a brand guidelines section, business details section and other key pieces of information about you, making the results much more personal with better outputs.

Chatbot Memory

We are going to add memory to our chatbots allowing them to store and remember key pieces of information about you and previous conversations so they can offer improved conversations.

Extended and Additional AI Tools

We are adding new tools all the time and going over our previous tolls to tweak and improve them based on your feedback. We are all ears if you have an idea of a tool that would help you out. Let us know

Lift App

We want to develop Lift the friendly business mentor so that you can take him anywhere you need him. We are going to develop a desktop app, browser app and phone app depending on interest. Chat to Lift

Profile and Favourites

We are going to add an upvoting system to allow users to favourite their most used tools, whilst adding improvements and features to the member profile.

Premium Membership Account

We are building a premium membership account packed with extra smart tools and priority support to propel your business, on top of the many amazing AI tools you can use for free right now. Register your interest to get notified when the beta version is unleashed!

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